Friday, February 15, 2008


Thanks to Melina for sending me to
Most of my friends know that I love Broadway plays and I'd like to do design work for them in the future. Spot NYC makes poster designs for Broadway and off-Broadway plays, as well as other work for plays [tv & radio spots, outdoor promos, web banners, etc.]. One thing I love about the site is that under each piece of art, there's a blurb explaining it so you can know what the designer wanted to achieve & still understand what the poster is about even if you haven't seen the play.

I love the original poster for RENT and apparently, so do a lot of other people because I've seen a lot of movies and cds that use this exact same design.

I love the aesthetic of the RENT 10 year anniversary poster. It's a shame that this amazing play is closing soon. =[

"To celebrate RENT’s 10th Anniversary on Broadway, we asked the original campaign photographer, Amy Guip, to contemporize RENT's look for a newer and younger audience. The first collage she showed us felt just right—the hard part was choosing the best color combination!" []

They created four posters Avenue Q. This is my favorite. I think it's a great reflection of the play.

This poster has some pretty sweet illustration. =]

And their billboard is great....

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