Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Movie Posters

I was researching movie posters for a project I'm working on and I found a few posters from upcoming movies that I find very interesting.

I know that you're supposed to save the best for last, but I'm putting the best first. This poster is amazing and it's not only because I loved Heath Ledger. This poster freaks me out, which is great art-wise because the joker isn't even clear, but he's still scary. I think it was a great decision to blur most of the joker and keep his hands in focus, and the blood effect is really great.

I like the Heath poster better, but I think this one is great as well. Using the Batman logo as the mouth was a really great idea. 

This poster is disgusting. The hand coming out of the eye makes my stomach turn every time. It was rendered really, really well. 

For starters, I don't like this picture of Katherine Heigl. She's almost smiling, but not really. They could've picked a better picture of her. But I put this poster in here because I really like that it's basically a typographic poster and I like that all of the type is handwritten. It has a really nice look to it and good hierarchy. 

I find something extremely intriguing about this poster. The silhouette of the gun with the faces in it... most posters like the main focus to be on the big actors in the movie, but I feel like I don't focus on the people in this one. I love how there's a gun... something metal, cold.... and then there's this beautiful butterfly sitting on it. It's a great contrast. And how the orange pops out on this blue palette. The quote is also really intriguing and I like how the credits in the bottom corner are stacked up instead of being in that generic rectangle that most posters have. 

And lastly, Penelope. I find these posters very intriguing. The type reminds me of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas type. The colors in the right poster are very attractive and intriguing. I like how on the left you can see that this girl has a strange nose, but it's just a silhouette so you can't quite tell exactly what her nose looks like, and in the right it's completely covered so you know there's gotta be something strange under that scarf. I find it all very intriguing.