Friday, February 29, 2008

Crew Creative Advertising

Today I'd like to feature some movie posters by Crew Creative Advertising. Visually, I don't find today's movie posters very captivating. They don't really catch my eye. And most people see today's movie posters on websites, not posted in public.

My favorite posters from CCA are their series of posters for the low budget movie Knocked Up. Don't get me wrong- CCA has done tons of other great posters. Their posters for Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter feature some really aesthetically beautiful photographs. Most of their posters use great taglines, nice effects, and have interesting cropping of photos.

The posters for Knocked Up come off as being really simple but when you really look at them, the comedy of the movie comes through.

This is the main poster that was used for the movie:

I feel bad for this guy just because of that tagline. Haha And then the bottom is great- "Save the due date."
[I know you can't read it now, just click the image to see the full size!!]

Then there's these two. Simple images but if you look closely, the body language is great. Her legs closed and his legs wide open. And more great puns- "from the proud parents of the 40-year-old virgin" and "expected in cinemas soon."

And the last one. No great puns but the concept is simple yet captivating. The only complaint I have is that I'd like to change the typography used for the actors' names. It doesn't read as well as it could.

Anywho, these movie posters would definitely catch my eye if I saw them on the street. Make sure you check out to see more of Crew Creative Advertising's movie poster designs.

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